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Architecture project 1.0 , ALLONE : teaser
Architecture project 1.0 , ALLONE : teaser

The idea comes from the theme I use for every single project since I was in year 1. All the project I use the theme of a Capitalism as my main guideline to create my own storyline for my world-building “Independent Capitalism where everyone has their own Capital”
Thrust into the currents of The Great Acceleration, Hyperfutures will soon come to dominate our limited perceptions of reality. Self-aware of their status as a fictional future, Hyperfutures serve as simulations—speculations—to help us understand who we are and where we are heading. This cinematic, through methods of near-future worldbuilding / environmental and cinematic storytelling, will explore cultural, political, and technological speculations within the context of near-future Bangkok. Throughout the
project, I develop and represent a cinematic context that takes place in a near-future Bangkok Hyperfuture world of their own design.
speculative essence.

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